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Of course you can "hack some sense" into the scripts, but usually bbs are hard to trick to make them more hack-proof. Possible cause This error occurs when using GD and attempting to upload a high resoltuion image. As Coppermine is based on OpenSource software published under GNU/GPL (which allows the modification of the code, but disallows changes of the license model of your modifications), you can not purchase Out of the box, it is set to "Name ascending", which simply is the best option for most and should therefore be preserved. have a peek here

There are however some methods to make it harder for newbie users to steal your pics: Add a watermark to your images before you upload them Apply one of the watermark-hacks: On the upload file screen, choose the test album from the "Album" dropdown. Resolving issues after the fact can take days, even weeks. If you don't have an album create one first : the file is broken or inacessible : unknown file type : the file is actually a GIF image and has just

Webspace that can be saved (maximum): 2.9 MB Remove all language files that come with an encoding you don't need You'll notice that for each language there are two files in I've posted my question a while ago, but nobody answers. Learn More Affiliates Home / Other Applications / Coppermine FAQ / My Coppermine shows that I can not upload files larger than xxxMB. Enable troubleshooting settings If you are experiencing issues with coppermine's upload process, temporarily change your coppermine settings as suggested below to get more detailed error messages.

If you're running your own server, check php.ini and look for LimitRequestBody - this value (in bytes) in the max upload allowed by php/html [top of page] I can't login to It just may affect a database table used by Coppermine. Logged Lindsay Sr. Suggested fixes There is (at least in theory) no limit in Coppermine to the file size or dimensions that the script can handle.

Obviously, the coppermine upload script needs write permissions to upload the files there. Edit displayimage.php and change $info[$CONFIG['user_field'.$i.'_name']] = make_clickable($CURRENT_PIC_DATA['user'.$i]); into $info[$CONFIG['user_field'.$i.'_name']] = bb_decode($CURRENT_PIC_DATA['user'.$i]); This will allow you to use BBCodes in the custom fields: you can then have something like [url]http://www.somesite.com/foo/bar.php?whatever=42[/url] or After filling in, submit that form using the "Apply changes" button at the bottom of that form. http://documentation.coppermine-gallery.net/en/uploading_batch-add.htm Failure to do so will, could, well ... , reflect unkindly on you and could result in some negative "karma." This FAQ page is the second best resource to understand Coppermine

Then while in Admin mode, click on the CONFIG tab, scroll to Themes settings and enter the name of your header and footer files in the appropriate include fields at the This issue is not specific to Photo galleries, it applies to all PHP scripts that create directories. Here is what you should check: test file "too large" If you encounter this error message in the first place, make sure that the file you test uploading with is not There are several methods to upload files within Coppermine.

max_input_time 60 seconds is the default time limit for uploading files.This time limit includes the time it takes for the files to upload, so if you exceed this limit, the file http://documentation.coppermine-gallery.net/en/uploading_http.htm Upload your Photo As a Register User/Member you may upload photos to albums allowed by the administrator, and your user gallery. If you are on shared webhosting, only your webhost can enable this for you. "upload_tmp_dir" needs to be set On the phpinfo page, make sure that upload_tmp_dir needs to be set. Just be sure to set your intermediate sized picture settings in CONFIG to a size that you can live with.

Special characters (like Umlauts, accented characters or characters from non-latin alphabets) do not belong to the list of web-safe characters. navigate here Open /lang/yourlang.php and search for: $lang_picinfo = array( and add after that: 'Username' => 'Username', Also you need to execute this query in MySQL (with a tool like phpMyAdmin): ALTER TABLE Please review this section carefully if the error message you get during upload is being mentioned here. If you really want to save space, opt to delete your original files using the Admin Tools menu option.

Please note that those hacks will result in a high server load, as the watermark is applied to a picture each time a users views the picture in his browser. If the user is allowed to create personal galleries and gets this message, he must create at least one album first by clicking on "Create / Order my albums". If you belong to a group where "can have a personal gallery" is set to YES, you will have the right to create your own albums and your gallery will be http://homeshareware.com/cannot-upload/cannot-upload-photos-to-ebay-vista.html The fullsize-pic doesn't pop up when clicking on the intermediate size pic.

Point your browser to the location you installed it on. How can I prevent users from saving (stealing) my pictures? In fact that's what the rant on permissions at the top of this page is about...

How do I let guests, not only registered users to put comments on pictures?

What's wrong? "Character encoding" is probably set (or has been set sometime ago) to UTF-8 on your config page. Reading the docs takes but a few minutes. How can I prevent unregistered user from viewing the gallery? Table of contents: Installation What are the minimum requirements for the installation and use of Coppermine 1.4.x ?

Possible cause File uploads are disabled in php.ini or there is a permissions issue or there is an issue with your webserver's upload mechansim. if you're using french, delete all files but /lang/french.php and /lang/french-utf-8.php). Try to edit the file include/init.inc.php: change $PHP_SELF = isset($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) ? $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] : $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; to $PHP_SELF = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; [top of page] When a user tries to upload a picture s/he gets this contact form What's wrong?

Don't confuse the client api version (which is shown in phpinfo) with the mySQL version! [top of page] What's GD and how can I get it? Use the link below the pictures to add picture to this album. You probably forgot to end a line with ; or you have too many brackets opened or closed ({).

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