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SharePoint, Office, Visio, Project 2010 RTM – A BIG week for Microsoft Things that annoy SharePoint built in automatic thumbnails for an image library Want some cores with that? SPS to MOSS migration error - Cannot locate the list definition required for upgrade ► Aug (9) SharePoint Skinner tool… just what the doctor ordered… I would like to thank the C's SharePoint Collective The SharePoint Knowledge Collection of Cornelius J. Office Open XML is now an ISO standard! ► Apr (10) If you like Twitter, you’re going to LOVE Jott! http://homeshareware.com/cannot-use/cannot-use-partitionresolver-unless.html

WSS 2.0 SP 3 available NOW! Continuing my education, I graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Computer Training Institute before joining First National Bank where my work won the Smithsonian Award for Technological Innovation in the field Submit Attach a file Microsoft Connect Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement © 2016 Microsoft Please wait... After graduating high school at 17, I joined the South African Air Force, graduating the Academy and becoming a Pilot with the rank of First Lieutenant by age 20. http://crayveon.com/solve-use-partitionresolver-unless-mode-stateserver-sqlserver-error/

OK, so I have an app deployed on a SharePoint server. Source Error: Source File: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\web.config Line: 181 Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.42; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.210 Now, most newsgroups and blogs I found recommended installing the web app on a different port. Last post 11-08-2007 11:56 AM by Jim Cantwell. 6 replies. Apparently not… I kept getting this error when I clicked a link in SharePoint that links to the web app.

Honored to receive the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for SharePoint for the 8th time ► Sep (2) The SharePoint Versions list has been updated with the Aug 2012 CUs How Install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Using a Site Template (.stp) from another server results in a File Not Found error How do I? – How I built this blog (Part 1 Virtualization support for SharePoint MOSS upgrade of highly customized SPS might be problematic Microsoft.com running on MOSS ‘07 Windows Update is forcing my computer to reboot in 5 minutes Office Ultimate Gooooooooood Morning America!!! ► Oct (1) YEEHAA!

What seems like a very simple thing to do, and quite frankly it should be, turned out to be a little more tricky than I thought. Create a new App Pool for RS to run within, I used SSRSAppPool7. After some digging around and trying different things, I finally managed to resolve the problem. https://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/256949/web-config-error-in-sharepoint-ssrs-integration-after-escrow-build-applied An ABSOLUTE must read for all bloggers… Copyright explained… How do I? – Make a new Content Type available in SharePoint 2007 How do I? – Create a new Content Type

WindowsAuthentication should be all you need for the ADService. Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. I could not find the settings page for excluded path on SPS 3.0 That step was NOT done during install.Any help would be appreciated.Windows 2003 Ent. SharePoint/Office 2007 Beta 2 Support Why the TelCos are so rich… SkypeOut free to all US and Canada phones!

Mark as Not AnswerMark as Answer... All working again! ;-) Later C 0 comments Posted in Post a Comment Comments are moderated only for the purpose of keeping pesky spammers at bay. Inline hardware disk encryption Moral responsibility – Doing the –RIGHT– thing… ► Mar (9) Utility – Battery Low Launch of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 Visual Studio 2010 – The Good, To resolve the problem, we just have to add the "partitionResolverType" to the "sessionState" key.

My ONE character email address ► Jun (6) Get your facts straight What the hell is going on with Google today?! What a struggle THAT was... Change the web.config from this: And viola! It’s a small change to the web.config file of the web app in question.

Page 1 of 1 (7 items) Sort Posts: Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next 11-07-2007 10:20 AM Kolten Joined on 11-07-2007 Posts 23 ADService - Installation issue? Coming soon... Go to Web Service Identity and click the New button next to Report Server6. http://homeshareware.com/cannot-use/cannot-use-partitionresolver.html A more detailed explanation for the resolution of this particular item may have been provided in the comments section. 0 0 Sign into vote ID 256949 Comments 4 Status Closed Workarounds

What, you're not going to try and pour on another ... Problem solved when I have set the "PartitionResolverType" to "" empty quotes in this web.config:C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\web.config" worked for me as well. As with most debugging issues, it's a very small fix.

I fulfilled a life long dream by pledging allegiance to the Flag as a US citizen in 2006.

How do I - Scroll the Telerik RadGridView to the top after a data refresh? Server Error in ‘/SPSWebApp’ Application. Field Notes from the world of Dynamics Consulting Search for: Recent Posts aaDup_RM_Post_warning_Dialog Error when posting batches Export RM Summary HATB Report to Excel AX 2012 Install Exam The permissions granted My latest gadget - a DROBO!

SharePoint 2010 developer docs now available! Fix by: In the Ban Man Pro web.config you should see this: Change the tag so it becomes: http://homeshareware.com/cannot-use/cannot-use-partitionresolver-unless-the-mode-is-stateserver-or-sqlserver.html Sign in | Join | Help in Qdabra Active Directory Web...

Though that might work just dandy in a wide open environment, it won’t work if all ports are blocked by default and only certain ports are opened by request. Leave a comment You must be logged in to post a comment. OK, so I'm on my bill payment site and I click on the bill to view it. Charity to the next level… Expedition – Fishing on Kentucky Lake Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit Boo Hoo Hoo… poor Adobe… Windows Live Local add-in for Outlook JPEG wants to be

how rude! SharePoint 2013 RTM!!! Linksys CIT200 Skype Phone WSS 3.0 public downloads Office Open Document Format Compatibility Pack Just not my day… The future of SharePoint… ► Feb (1) Upgrade ReplayTV 5504 from 40 hours Just got spammed again...

my REAL WORLD Migration Guide for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Migrations! ► Oct (8) Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010 An avalanche of SharePoint 2010 content I am getting this when attempting to load https://iportal.northernhealth.ca/adservice Server Error in '/ADService' Application.

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