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Example: [ExclusiveContentPaths] \pictures \music more music\special [IgnoreContentPaths][edit] Windows Vista or later AutoPlay's content search system will not scan the folders listed, nor their subfolders. Also it specifies that Windows should use first icon from Setup.exe to display this CD in Explorer. In Windows XP and Windows Vista it is possible to add your own action item (option) to the AutoPlay dialog box. In Windows 95/98/Me the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value is displayed as 95 00 00 00. Check This Out

At our company we have a product named SamLogic CD-Menu Creator, which can be used to design and build menu interfaces for CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives. The OPEN command specifies the filename of the program to execute. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Place the icon in the same directory as the Autorun file.

The content can include items like a web page, interactive menu, multimedia presentation, a document, or an entire application. To remove substitution later please use the following command: subst O: /d Also, when you are using our utility 1st AutoRun Express to create autorun cd, then you may test how On versions of Windows earlier than XP, this key has no effect and actions specified by open or shellexecute are performed.

Microsoft. ^ a b c d e "Autorun.inf Entries". Settings that alter AutoPlay detection routines or search parameters. How to test Autorun.inf? The first icon stored within the setup.exe itself will represent the drive in Explorer: [autorun] open=setup.exe icon=setup.ico label=My install CD Sections[edit] Following are the sections and keys allowed in a valid

Joomla! Not as automatic as using pure AutoRun, but almost. If you modify the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value make sure it is still in the correct format. my company Once you have done this, go back into the Autorun file and change the line that says icon=NAME.ico to have the name of the icon (keep the part that has the

Next to the text, the icon specified by the ICON command is shown. Now take a look at the following sample AUTORUN.INF file: [autorun] open=Setup.exe icon=Setup.exe,1 This sample AUTORUN.INF file tells Windows to run Setup.exe program located in the CD root folder. The only valid key is: DriverPath=directorypath which lists a path Windows will search for driver files. This icon replaces the standard drive icon in Windows Explorer.

On one line, append "\command=" followed by the command you want to run. additional hints If it does not, then it will not work. I was asked to make a full Instructable on Autorun.inf files, and ... 1 Step 1: A Basic Autorun FileIn this step, we will make a basic, do-nothing Autorun file. However, if an AUTORUN.INF is present, then Windows will follow the instructions in there rather than playing the CD.

Select Edit|Find and type in NoDriveTypeAutoRun. his comment is here Using Autorun.inf to automatically launch a program on a USB flash drive seems not to be possible in the same way as with a CD or DVD. icon=iconfilename[,index] The name of a file resource containing an icon. This system of file Autorun has been revolutionised and popularised by Windows and it saves a lot of time and effort for the user.

The label text will be shown in Windows Explorer and in the AutoPlay dialog box. Essentially, the AutoRun task is omitted. If an AutoRun task is specified it is executed immediately without user interaction. this contact form Thus the Autorun.inf is largely a rudimentary instruction file operating at the core of the CD directory.

How to create Autorun.inf? In this article we will answer these questions. Click Start|Run then type in regedit.

Autorun.inf and mixed cds Introduction to Autorun.inf When you insert a CD into the computer, Windows looks if AUTORUN.INF file is located in the root folder of a CD.

This label is displayed before the drive letter in Windows Explorer and as a dialog box title in the AutoPlay dialog box. When you copy any software or files to remote directory that contains INF files then your system throw an error “you need permission to perform this action”. Creating an Autorun.inf file First, create a new (text-only) file and name it as autorun.inf.; once created, open it with your favorite text editor (notepad) and type in the following syntax: In the example above we tell Windows to get the icon from the MYAPP.EXE program file by using a command named ICON.

Previously we often burned our data to a CD or DVD, but using USB flash drives are faster and they are easier to handle and they can store more data, and Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In Windows XP and Windows Vista the menu program can be launched almost automatically - just press Enter or OK - but in Windows 7 the menu program must be started navigate here Autorun.inf structure and commands Autorun.inf drawbacks Why Autorun.inf does not work on my or user's computer?

The text is expressed as either text or as a resource reference. To add this action item to the AutoPlay dialog in Windows, a command called ACTION must be placed in the Autorun.inf file. It is the CreateProcess function that is called by AutoRun. No programming or design required!

Create an Autorun.inf file that adds an action item to the AutoPlay dialog box in Windows You can for example name the program file to "START-MENU.EXE" and then create an As unfortunate as that is." now becomes: Ba, too true (as unfortunate as that is).

As your comment stands, the second sentence: "As unfortunate as that is.", is a fragment.

Have a nice autorun cannot start programs in windows 7 and up. i am trying to make an autorun.inf file of a batch file the coding of autorun.inf is this


icon=jatin bal.ico

label=Removable Disk

open=JB Anti-Virus.bat

action=Mouse Disable

and it is not working

On the insertion of a CD/DVD into the drive, this application allows the files to run without manual prompting, provided they are in synchronization with the system configuration. As Windows has a case-insensitive view of filenames, the autorun.inf file can be stored as AutoRun.inf or Autorun.INF or any other case combination. This article gives us an insight into creating such a file and customizing the icon text and menu. Autorun.inf drawbacks Major Autorun.inf drawback is that it only allows you to run programs, but not documents, HTML pages etc.

USB Flash Drive Menu Create a menu interface for a USB flash drive. > Read More Here Related Articles Using AutoRun / AutoPlay with a USB It is also simple to add this command and below we will show an example of how this command can be used: [AutoRun] OPEN=MYAPP.EXE ICON=MYAPP.EXE ACTION=Start my application In All other handling is as before. You can also read our blog.

Make sure you don't have any spaces or illegal characters in the filenames so that they open properly.If you feel like getting a little fancy, you can even add more like It should display an icon specified in AUTORUN.INF and when you double-click its icon it will autorun. It depends of the version of Windows. Microsoft. ^ Conficker#Operation ^ a b http://www.csoonline.com/article/2123768/data-protection/after-cert-warning--microsoft-delivers-autorun-fix.html ^ http://www.csoonline.com/article/2131830/malware-cybercrime/security-researchers-discover-link-between-stuxnet-and-flame.html ^ a b http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2009/09/11/autoplay-windows-7-behavior-backported.aspx ^ http://www.csoonline.com/article/2132598/malware-cybercrime/security-firms-warn-of-spreading-windows-autorun-malware.html ^ http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/08/microsoft_windows_autorun_retirement ^ "How to Test autorun.inf Files".

Can the AutoRun technology be used with a USB flash drive? You can get pictures of that format from http://www.iconarchive.com/ and many other websites.label: This will change the name of the drive to whatever you choose, as long as what you choose Autorun.inf structure and commands AUTORUN.INF is a text file that should contain an Autorun section. The name of a file that contains an icon that represents the medium in Explorer (instead of the standard drive icon).

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