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Cannot Write Block. Device At Eom

OSDir.com bacula.user Subject: unable to get HP DLT 30 drive working Date Index Thread: Prev Next Thread Index I can't appear to get the bacula tape test working with btape: btape.c:857 Wrote block to device. Arno -- IT-Service Lehmann [hidden email] Arno Lehmann http://www.its-lehmann.de------------------------------------------------------- This SF.Net From > careers in IT to Engineering to Tech Sales, Dice has tech jobs from the > best hiring companies. Check This Out

It may not be just YOUR life at risk. *********. : phil stracchino : unix ronin : renaissance man : mystic zen biker geek : : alaric < at > ca...|phil-stracchino http://www.dice.com/index.epl?rel_code=3D104 > _______________________________________________ > Bacula-users mailing list > [email protected] > https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/bacula-users Thread view [Bacula-users] Invalid argument error From: Steve Allam - 2003-08-20 14:39:43 Hi, I am just trying to install All Rights Reserved. btape: btape Fatal error: Cannot write block. http://bacula.10910.n7.nabble.com/Getting-quot-Fatal-Error-Cannot-write-block-quot-td4340.html

btape: btape Fatal error: Cannot write block. This can happen if your tape drive is in fixed block mode while Bacula's default is variable blocks. ERR=Input/output error > btape: btape.c:846 Error writing block to device. > btape: btape.c:402 Wrote EOF to /dev/nst0 > btape: btape Fatal error: Cannot write block. If you would like to know what options you have set before making any of the changes noted above, you can now view them on Linux systems, thanks to a tip

Also, the next time you reboot, the BIOS may be able to tell you what the rate of each device is. while bacula spits out 'correct' there is still a bunch of errors... Can you tell me what is wrong? ]# btape /dev/nst0 Tape block granularity is 1024 bytes. Incorrect File Number When Bacula moves to the end of the medium, it normally uses the ioctl(MTEOM) function.

If your configuration file is elsewhere, please use the -c option to specify where. Thanks for any tips you can give. There are other empty (Purged) tapes waiting to be used. https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg05132.html Despooling > > 71,612,803,459 bytes ... > > 02-Oct 06:15 herodotus-sd: textbook3.2005-10-02_01.05.17 Fatal error: > > Cannot write block.

In addition, on systems such as Sun, which have multiple tape access methods, you must be sure to specify to use Berkeley I/O conventions with the device. See below for more help of resolving fix versus variable block problems. By default, they use bacula-sd.conf in the current directory, but you may specify a different configuration file using the -c option. I am at file 3.

If you do have an autochanger, please be sure to read the Autochanger chapterAutochangersChapter of this manual. What *is* odd is that after I ejected the tape, and let Bacula reload the tape, all worked fine, and all my backups ran just fine last night...so... On Linux for tape drive /dev/nst0, this is usually /dev/sg0, while on FreeBSD for /dev/nsa0, the control device is often /dev/pass2. You can turn it on and off (yes|no) by using the mt commands given above.

it takes a bit longer to generate the data, especially on slow CPUs. 2. his comment is here Device at EOM. 04-Oct 01:05 herodotus-sd: Sending spooled attrs to the Director. Then stop and restart Bacula. Take a * look at this from an efficiency stand point later, but * it should only happen once at the end of each job. * * I've been lseek()ing negative

Device at EOM. btape: btape.c:419 Moved to end of medium. The physical device name or the Device resource name must be specified on the command line, and this same device name must be present in the Storage daemon's configuration file read this contact form btape: btape Error: Write error on device /dev/nst0.

However, functions like Polling the drive do not work correctly if there is no tape in the drive. If I use No, an action depends on Fast Forward Space File. ERR=Broken pipe > > 02-Oct 06:15 herodotus-dir: webdev1.2005-10-02_01.05.24 Error: Bacula > > 1.36.1 (26Nov04): 02-Oct-2005 06:15:51 > > JobId: 6874 > >

I'm running Redhat 8, and Bacula 1.31a which I compiled from source.

I am at file 3. Total Write rate = 43.531 MB/s btape.c:1090 Test with random data, should give the minimum throughput. It was due to the fact, that a standard MySQL-Install has a timeout set to 8h. btape: btape.c:427 Wrote 1 EOF to /dev/nst0 btape: btape Fatal error: Cannot write block.

It also works with Sony AIT-2 drives on FreeBSD. \footnotesize \begin{verbatim} Device { ... # FreeBSD/NetBSD Specific Settings Hardware End of Medium = no BSF at EOM = yes Backward Space ERR=Input/output error. is Bacula "stuck")? http://homeshareware.com/cannot-write/cannot-write-to-device-lpt1.html Incorrect Number of Blocks or Positioning Errors Bacula's preferred method of working with tape drives (sequential devices) is to run in variable block mode, and this is what is set by

If your tape drive requires fixed block sizes (very unusual), you can use the following records: Minimum Block Size = nnn Maximum Block Size = nnn in your Storage daemon's Device

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