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Data Protector Cannot Register Tcp/ip Listen Socket

You will also receive updated or new editions if you subscribe to the appropriate product support service. In the Clients context, right-click Clients and click Import Client. Later, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) needed only one port for full-duplex, bidirectional traffic. OB2INCRDIFFTIME (UNIX systems specific) Specifies an "incremental latency" period that is enforced when checking the "last inode change" time with incremental backups. http://homeshareware.com/data-protector/data-protector-ipc-cannot-connect.html

Right-click on the selection and select Collect Debug Files operation. OB2HSMBACKUPALL To backup files with offline attribute, set this option to 1. l License categories - Lists the number of licenses available in Data Protector. The amount of memory that the Change Log Provider uses depends on the filename length of all entries.

Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) problems TSA login denied Problem The following message is displayed: From: [email protected] "/media/nss/NSS_VOLUME_5" TSA: Cannot connect to Target Service (login denied). Select Telemetry files. l Your problem is not related to third-party hardware or software. Note that on some systems the ping command cannot be used for IPv6 addresses, the ping6 command should be used instead.

  • See the omnirc file for a complete description.
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  • Both UDP and TCP are reserved, but only UDP is used Official 5349 TCP STUN (TLS over TCP), a protocol for NAT traversal[154] Official 5349 TCP TURN (TLS over TCP), a
  • Make yourself familiar with the general troubleshooting information. 2.

Smileys sind an. [IMG] Code ist an. [VIDEO] Code ist an. Document conventions and symbols Document conventions Convention Element Blue text: “Document conventions” (page 13) Cross-reference links and e-mail addresses Blue, underlined text: http://www.hp.com Website addresses Bold text l Keys that are DCDirAllocation Determines the algorithm used for selecting the DC (Detail Catalog) directory for a new DC binary file: Fill in sequence, Balance size (default), Balance number. Von DaVinciXL im Forum Kompilieren von Kernel und Sourcen Antworten: 53 Letzter Beitrag: 06.10.03, 19:23 Lesezeichen Lesezeichen Mister Wong YiGG.de Google del.icio.us Berechtigungen Neue Themen erstellen: Nein Themen beantworten: Nein Anhänge

This is an incomplete list of notable ports. OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS To backup the explicitly mounted volumes, you need to export the omnirc variable (OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS) that will force inet to send all volumes back. Action Consult your network administrator. Action l If the client is listed in the Clients context of the Data Protector GUI: a.

If the problem still exists, disable encrypted communication as described in the "Disabling encrypted communication manually" section in the HPE Data Protector Installation Guide. 4. The files include details on session ID, device name, date and Troubleshooting Guide Chapter 1: About Troubleshooting Data Protector HPE Data Protector (9.07) Page 16 of 115 17. sap.log, oracle8.log, informix.log, sybase.log, db2.log Application specific logs contain traces of integration calls between the application and Data Protector. They can be set on the Cell Manager.

Chapter 2: Troubleshooting Networking and Communication Hostname resolution problems An important aspect of the TCP/IP configuration process is the setup of a hostname resolution mechanism. https://cgrfiles.cgr.go.cr/publico/ver9/hpux/DP_DEPOT/DATA-PROTECTOR/OMNI-DOCS/opt/omni/help/C/Trouble.txt About Data Protector Customization Sometimes you can solve Data Protector issues by customizing its global or omnirc options. b. Click Save to save the option.

l If the client is not listed in the Clients context: a. http://homeshareware.com/data-protector/hp-data-protector-idb-purge-best-practices.html If the value is set to 0, then: l if the selected tape drive does not support encryption, the data writing operation will be performed in an unencrypted mode. They are assigned by IANA for specific service upon application by a requesting entity.[5] On most systems, registered ports can be used without superuser privileges. It must be set on all clients affected by sanconf before running the command.

Omnirc options The omnirc options are useful for troubleshooting or overriding other settings affecting the behavior of the Data Protector client only. Correcting this requires a manual intervention. If the system clocks on the Cell Manager and clients differ significantly, Troubleshooting Guide Chapter 2: Troubleshooting Networking and Communication HPE Data Protector (9.07) Page 30 of 115 31. check over here On UNIX systems, permissions will be set according to your umask settings and may be such that some processes may be unable to read the file.

OB2_ENCRYPT_MEDIUM_ STRICT Enables you to control whether to strictly use drive-based encryption in backup, object consolidation, object copy, and automated media copy Troubleshooting Guide Chapter 1: About Troubleshooting Data Protector HPE Cannot connect to the client after enabling encrypted control communication on the client Problem After enabling encrypted control communication on the client, you are unable to connect to the client and Encrypted control communication cannot be disabled on the Cell Manager, if there is a client in the cell on which encrypted communication is still enabled.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

stats-HPCloud- year-month.log Contains usage log reports generated from the Cloud gateways during Cloud copy sessions. To enable telemetry files from the Clients context: 1. Cannot connect to client X Problem The response to the omnicheck command is: client_1 cannot connect to client_2 This means that the packet has been sent, but not received because of OB2_ENCRYPT_FORCE_ FORMAT Enables you to control the formatting behavior when using Data Protector drive-based encryption.

For more information on the DC directory selection algorithms, see the HPE Data Protector Help index: “maintenance of DCBF”. Valid license from HPE required for possession, use or copying. b. http://homeshareware.com/data-protector/data-protector-bma-cannot-be-started.html debug.log Contains unexpected conditions.

Es ist jetzt 17:59 Uhr. Enabling telemetry files You can enable the telemetry files from the Clients context or Internal Database context. The number or minutes depends on the time gap that you had. 3. deduplication feature fails Chapter 7: Troubleshooting Object Operations Sessions 79 Object copy problems 79 Fewer objects are copied than expected 79 Not all objects in the selected library are copied 79

OB2RECONNECT_ACK Defines how long Data Protector should wait for a message of acknowledgment (default: 1200 seconds). To modify an option - in the Results Pane, in the Value column - click on the value you want to change, click the Edit icon and enter a new one. It provides a fast and efficient way to access interactive technical support tools needed to manage your business. For further information, see the Using the omnidlc command from the CLI to process debug files or the HPE Data Protector Command Line Interface Reference.

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